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(日本語) malamute 2019SS collection brand look

―― How will uncertain memories affect the current me?


―― How will uncertain memories affect the current me?

Inspired by the film “Memento” (2001) directed by Christopher Nolan, Malamute’ s Spring/Summer 2019 collection reinterprets the journey of the protagonist, Leonard, as he attempts to track down his wife’ s killer despite suffering from short-term memory loss. With a memory only spanning 10 minutes, he regains his memories through polaroid photos and tattoos graved into his body. The movie plays in reverse order, intensifying the sense of confusion and uncertainty revolving around fragmented memories. Another key inspiration arises from the poem “Maenohi,” written by Mieko Kawakami for the MUM & GYPSY troupe. The word “Maenohi,” implies the idea that one can visit places of nostalgia and memory through the mind of oneself. A powerful word which guides ones soul, as if to be a compass necessary for sailing in a sea of memories. Titled “Uncertain Memory,” this season’ s theme epitomizes the concept of communication between ones current self and past self. Fray, distort, split, and twist. The collection incorporates details portraying the breaking and gradual repair of ones memories and soul inevitable in ones life. In a world filled with tension and strain, we live a life of endless of choices and decisions, exacerbated by the ever-growing amount of information technology. However there is always a guiding light. As a brand, malamute believes that through mixing various elements together, understand the meaning behind these elements, people are able to define and establish their own sense of style.

malamute proposes everyday clothes for women with both strength and softness.